Resin Bound Driveway

Resin Bound

Picture of a commercial driveway. Resin Excellence's resin bound driveway.

Our Bound surfaces consist of a two-part resin mix combined with premium kiln dried aggregates. This mix is then hand trowelled as a screed to provide a smooth, non-slip, uniform and completely seamless finish.

Bound offers easy maintenance, with resistance to oil and frost whilst being very hard wearing.

We can lay our product to falls, undulating surfaces, damp surfaces, sound surfaces such as patios, paving slabs and paviours.

Resin Bonded

Picture of a commercial driveway. Resin Excellence's resin bonded driveway.

The resin bonded surface comprises of a two-part resin and stone ‘scatter’ system which can be applied to a clean, dry or tarmac substrate.

The resin is mixed and then kiln dried aggregate is spread evenly over the resin layer to produce a beautiful high grip, textured and seamless surface.

Boasting a quick curing time, excellent weed control and cheaper price, this makes bonded the perfect solution for large areas.

Feature Description
Feature Description